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Your input is fine.

Killing the cop in my head is not enough because it's not only in my head. I'm doing bad things because of how I am. I'm working with therapists and getting on HRT now. I'm not sure if HRT will do me any good, but I want to try. BTW, I'm doing this under doctor supervision, no DIY. I live in a country with good healthcare.

It's a little difficult to talk about this because English is not my first language and also it's so hard for me to express thoughts and feelings. That's why books/manifestos/essays/therapists help a lot.



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I used that phrase in a similar vein to what I feel Valerie was doing - a scooping generalization of "bad" behaviors under the umbrella of masculinity. I don't subscribe to the idea of toxic masculinity. I genuinely believe all masculinity is toxic (all masculine traits, not all men). So when I say that, I mean the masculine traits in me.

But, ngl, I haven't met a lot of men (including myself) that I ever wanted to socialize with. And I've met a lot of people in my life. Maybe I'm in a bad environment idk, but when I think about the 10 nicest people in my life, it's all women/feminine/queer people.

Yeah, I've been doing all the examining and self-awareness stuff I could alone and with therapists for a long time, but I feel it's impossible to remove the trauma ingrained in me 20 years ago.


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Hey i kinda get what you're saying but what's really the difference between a computer and a smartphone? And let's be real, most people work jobs and/or go to school and have smartphones anyway. Smartphones are just small computers really.

At the same time, the site is good, we shouldn't make more apps but that's not my point.


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Tho I think there is a nugget of something useful to talk about but mostly if I concede to u the premise it sounds extremely condescending.

I agree I went too far calling what's happening right now a cult of personality, but aren't we the same people that created cults of personality in the places I mentioned in my edit? And isn't it common in anarchist spaces?


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Agree with most of it, just wanted to say that forced vaccinations is nothing new, it's not inherent to Covid. At least where I'm from kids are forced to be vaccinated. I want to emphasize that I'm against any governmental control and that I'm 100% for vaccinating kids, that's not the point here. I wish every parent would vaccinate their kid without having to be told so by the state. I am a parent myself.

I would love people not being forced to do it but in the current state of affairs unfortunately it wouldn't work out as we can see in France where we have unprecedented outbreak of measles. I really wish everything would be different. Right now i just have a dozen more important issues to worry about than some right winger being "forced" to getting a vaccine. We are forced to do a shit ton things every day, let's be real here. Like paying the rent and working.

It's just funny to me that some people are suddenly realizing that the government has the power to force you to vaccinate, while they had power to do MUCH more for a long time in most places. I think these people are really forgetting that the state and capitalism have almost absolute power over us.