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Are you this person's alt? Because you're both equally bad at concern trolling. Bakunin explained exactly what he meant in the rest of the text that you're conveniently choosing to ignore so you can keep your troll going. Not that anyone here gives a flying fuck what that bigot thought or what any anarcho-collectivist thinks with their spiteful "you have to work to eat" rhetoric.

Anarchy literally means against archy. If you're going to use words to describe your politics, learn what they mean.


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I'm an anarchist (!!!!!!)

Sorry bud, you can say it as many times as you want, but it won't be true until you stop clinging to that boot.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Learn the difference between expertise and authority instead of quoting me bad translations of the century-old musings of a white man. You're not even quoting the context where he very clearly explained he was talking about expertise, not authority, or noting that he never published that very unfinished essay.

The very fact that you try to (mis)quote Bakunin to prove you're an anarchist makes you not an anarchist.


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So this quickly came true. Now there are fake anarchists on there claiming a project developed by a fascist and owned by a fascist is actually more anarchist than raddle because of their federation obsession. It's not even federated and actually federated spaces like Mastodon have proven to be just as toxic and prone to clique-formation as reddit.