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I also think anarchy101 and debateanarchism should no longer be featured if the mods there keep harboring someone who tried to get enkara, blackflagged and faolinbean to kill themselves and has plagued this sub with malicious socks for years now. Who knows how many of the concern trolls are him? Most of them are abusive in all the same ways.

Most of the trolls over the years have been prince_kropotkin, warlordzephyr, ravencrowed and rebelsdarklaughter socks (the founders of r/anarchismonline). Hamjam's are really easy to spot because they use all the same keywords.

It's also easy to tell when someone is a sock because they immediately laser focus in on me because of years of built up spite over me always calling out their bullshit. Nothing concern trolls hate more than being exposed.

Does hamjam want to get caught, or what? Not even waiting a single day before making the next sock?

The fact that this concern troll has gone through 4 accounts now (that we know of) and has been defended by a litany of near-identical free-speech loving dipshits shows how absolutely broken this place is.

The other mods need to stop allowing a brocialist to dictate policy. You all know who I'm talking about. He clearly doesn't give 2 shits about the AOP or the anti-harassment rules, and all his defenders are concern trolls, so just fucking demod him already so you can actually put an end to the toxic culture here.

If the rules actually meant anything, he would have been instabanned for snitchjacketing, or demodded for breaking the mod rules hours later. But none of you will stand up to him for some reason. You're all culpable for the abuse that happens here because you won't stick your necks out to end it.

[sedge_hunter (cosmicraccooncometh)]

Uh...this is a lie. The lengths you commissars will go to purge dissent is too much.

A bunch of the shit you said here is a lie, and this is all bullshit. I'm not going to waste my time going point by point, but, sincerely, screw all of you.

I feel like you're just saying all this trying to manipulate and provoke me into something real you can use to purge me with. I'm not going to give it to you though. So, I'm going to log off, cool off, let the latest struggle session play out, and we'll see just how absolutely fucked this sub really is.

Nighty night commissars

[sedge_hunter (cosmicraccooncometh)]

They say I'm another user and I'm not. Their evidence includes that I post on insanepeoplefqcebook, but I,ve only posted there like twice on threads I saw on /r/all. They say I post about texas all the time, and I don't. I posted about texas as related to the presidential primaries a couple times probably, but to say I post about texas all the time is bull shit. Like, where the fuck did they even come up with that claim?

Honestly, this shit is fucking ridiculous. I'm so turned off by this whole thing. This isn't how anarchists are everywhere else. They're chill and nice, not ...fucking christ, this god damn embarrassing cluster fuck.

And that list of recent comments. Wtf is that? What's wrong with those comments. Hell, the "delete thus nephew " comment was fucking directed at Salus for fucks sake.

They didn't say you post about Texas "all the time", they said you post about Texas "a lot". Since your post history is only 11 pages long and you posted about Texas several times, that does qualify as "a lot". It's a very high percentage.

(and a few others)

Regardless, the matching time stamps make it completely obvious who you are, so please stop gaslighting everyone. Meta shouldn't have to keep going through this every few months, you have to realize how unhealthy it is for everyone involved?

Ew. The Bernie shit might be worse than the ban evasion.

[sedge_hunter (cosmicraccooncometh)]

All the time vs a lot. You're going to quibble over THAT . THATS HOW RIDICULOUS YOU ARE.

and that's me posting in three threads, about the election, that is not me posting about texas a lot.

This is fucked. You are all so totally fucking ridiculous.

You want to talk about unhealthy. The behavior of you fucking people is what is unhealthy.

Gaslighting on this level is so abusive. You have to stop.

[sedge_hunter (cosmicraccooncometh)]

Reason for arrest: resisting arrest.

Alright, for real this time...god damn it...

I was just linking to your 6 most recent comments to demonstrate your harassing hamjam posting style, it's not really relevant who you were speaking to or that you were giving your fellow troll a heads up to tone down their abusive attacks to avoid the consequences.

But it is informative that the other troll has since gone and deleted a lot of their attacks and trolling (including the post you replied to), presumably so the ban proposal against them can't use any of it as evidence.

Anyway, none of this matters, it just gives you opportunities to deflect, obfuscate and concern troll even more. I should have just focused on the time stamps instead of giving you fuel to gaslight me with.

You are hamjam / cosmicraccooncometh / Juan__Briefe, there's zero doubt about it.

[sedge_hunter (cosmicraccooncometh)]

You are hamjam / cosmicraccooncometh / Juan__Briefe, there's zero doubt about it

Uhhhhhh....well, I certainly have some doubts about it.

You included a bunch of bs, and now you're saying ignore all that and focus on this other thing. But the whole thing is bs.

The fact is, I dissented so I get purged by the commisars, by any means necessary

Edit:alright, I'm going to bed for real this time. So, here's your time to manufacture consent commissars. Open net. Have at it. Perfect and convenient timing on your parts.

Sorry, none of it is BS. You do talk about Texas. You do post on r/insanepeoplefacebook. You do use all the same aggressive language to attack social justice advocates including 'anarcho-maoists', 'cliques', 'cults', 'hypocrites', 'groupthink', etc. And you made your account just a couple hours after being banned, immediately posted to r/anarchism, and then got into meta 3 months later. Just like you did all the previous times you were banned. You can try to deflect and frustrate me all you want, it won't work. You are hamjam.

Min dami kept getting caught because they could stop posting about wrestling. There must be something about that mindset that causes you to try to ban evade that also makes you really bad at subterfuge.

How can you stand yourself? Stop gaslighting.

[sedge_hunter (cosmicraccooncometh)]

Doctor's plot. 2+2=5

Fuck off you onerous shitlord.

Stop attacking people.

There's no way you could have even read this whole post and examined the time stamps in the less than 5 minutes it took you to attack me since I posted it.

You are a bad faith troll who is only interested in bullying marginalized people.

Fuck off you lying piece of shit.

The way you're acting, you'd think you were the person who was just caught ban evading. Don't accuse people of lying when they've taken the time to present irrefutable evidence, it's a form of gaslighting.

Since Salus keeps deleting the evidence that they're harassing people, I've taken screenshots of this post.

Honestly, how did you read this post and the previous ban post I linked to, and all the evidence in that post in 4 minutes and come to the conclusion that I'm a lying piece of shit?


suma wrote (edited )



Ban sedge_hunter for ban evasion (cosmicraccooncometh, juan__briefe, hamjam5) (banned for suicide goading women)

Post contents:

Previously this person was banned for sending pms to several people telling them to kill themselves, and then banned again for ban evasion / gaslighting:

Their latest account was made the day cosmicraccooncometh was banned, continuing their tradition of making a new account every time they get caught.

If you go to sedge_hunter's profile, and hold your mouse over "redditor for 5 months" it says the account was made on:

December 6, 2019.

Now compare the time stamp on the last ban thread linked above:

December 6, 2019.

Similarly to the other accounts, sedge_hunter also posts on insanepeoplefacebook: They also talk about Texas a lot in their post history.

sedge_hunter has been doing nothing but trolling in meta since they got here. Here's a look at just their latest 6 comments:


Don't be such a hypocrite and concern troll, please.

Oh, really?

God this sub is so ridiculously embarrassing for anarchism.

You folks are god damn clowns.

I just callz em likes I seez em.

The degree of rabidly enforced group think and othering of dissent reminds me of little else than devotion to authoritarian party politics... or of cults.

Pretty existentially disappointed to see that kind of mindset so prevalent among purported anarchists ,tbh

You hear that everyone, you better not oppose this purge, or you will be seen as a counterrevolutionary and subversive element. The Party knows best folks, just submit.

Oppose. Your characterization is embarrassingly uncharitable at best and intentionally manipulative at worst.

If you want them to leave you alone, then start leaving them alone.

Delete this nephew

As you can see, it's more of all the usual hamjam tropes, including accusing people of being "manipulative", "group-thinkers" and "hypocrites".

All their votes should be discarded and I think it's time we did something about their cosmicraccooncometh account modding both r/anarchy101 and r/debateanarchism since we prominently promote both those subs, treating them as extensions of r/anarchism.

We can't continue to look the other way while a known transphobe and misogynist mods our sister subs. Especially when they keep ban evading and spitefully harass people that dare to object to their concern trolling.

Support, and we shouldn't have to wait 7 days since it's clearly ban evasion.

For anyone keeping track:

hamjam5 was banned on: 02/05/2017

Juan__Briefe was created on: 02/05/2017

Juan__Briefe got banned, on: 08/10/2017

CosmicRaccoonCometh was created on: 08/10/2017

CosmicRaccoonCometh was banned on: 12/06/2019

sedge_hunter was created on: 12/06/2019

Hopefully this time hamjam will be savvy enough to wait a few days before making the next set of accounts to abuse people with.


As you can see, it's more of all the usual hamjam tropes, including accusing people of being "manipulative", "group-thinkers" and "hypocrites".

And "anarcho-maoists", and "cultists" and "cliquish". It's been super obvious to me who it was the whole time, glad it's finally been proven.

Support, pretty clear-cut evasion and they've shown no apparent interest in rectifying the issue they were banned for in the first place.


Support. I think that some of the evidence in this post is not great, but I can't ignore the timestamps, and there's frankly more you didn't include.

Like, given that this is an anarchist sub, it's not that weird that both these accounts are Bernie supporters who both posted on /r/politics a bunch... but it is a little weird, right?

Support. I'd be tempted to report to admin too, since that's a permaban from the site...

I didn't notice the anarcho-maoist line. Definitely a red flag.

Lol busted.


Support. Does this need a vote though? Their ban was already approved in previous ones.

no, ban evasion is instaban, they were gone hours ago

That's good to know, thank you!


suma wrote

So I've found proof that hamjam5, Juan__Briefe and CosmicRaccoonCometh are all the same person

Firstly, if you haven't been following the events in meta, /u/CosmicRaccoonCometh has been accused of being both hamjam5 (suspended) and Juan__Briefe (deleted).

Juan__Briefe was banned for admitting to suicide goading users.

The mod in the linked thread says:

/u/juan__briefe admitted to sending a pm to BlackFlagged that amounts to suicide goading (which is an instaban).

Juan also suicide goaded former mod -Enkara- and current mod AnarchaMorrigan.

While looking for archives of Juan__Briefe's old posts so I could compare the language / content to CosmicRaccoonCometh's, I stumbled onto a site called that shows a user's activity across reddit. I plugged in all 3 user names and there was a lot in common...

These glaring similarities confirm what /u/J7383 said:

All 3 accounts are Texas inhabitants and all 3 accounts are Houston Rockets fans (a Texas basketball team).

All 3 accounts are also fans of Dan Carlin - an American political commentator and podcaster.

Furthermore, all three accounts are highly active on r/debatefascism, r/debateanarchism and r/anarchy101.

/u/CosmicRaccoonCometh is currently a mod on both r/debateanarchism and r/anarchy101. CosmicRacconCometh also has a lot of posts on r/debatefascism.

All 3 accounts have comments on tiny obscure sub r/IndividualAnarchism and on r/postleftanarchism.

Cosmicraccoon and Juan__Briefe both have multiple posts on r/insanepeoplefacebook.

There's no way all this is a coincidence.

I made archives of each page:


Activity Across Subreddits:

/r/Austin (A city in Texas)









Has: Daughter


Activity Across Subreddits:

/r/Houston (A city in Texas)










Has: Daughter


Activity Across Subreddits:

/r/Austin (A city in Texas)










Has: children

There's no doubt in my mind now that CosmicRaccoonCometh is ban evading and gaslighting the people who he suicide goaded. If you look over the things he's been saying to morrigan and boezax, it's incredibly abusive behavior when you realize everything they've said about him is true.

There's a smoking gun here that you've overlooked.

Your snoopsnoo link says /u/CosmicRaccoonCometh is a Redditor since: 08/10/2017

Now look at when Juan__Briefe got banned, according to the time stamp on the ban transparency thread: 08/10/2017

CosmicRaccoonCometh was created the day Juan__Briefe was banned.


It gets worse. Snoopsnoo says Juan__Briefe is a Redditor since 02/05/2017.

hamjam5 was suspended by admins on: 02/05/2017

Juan__Briefe was created the day hamjam5 was suspended.

/u/BMRGould please restore all the comments you removed of boezax calling out CRC's abuse. There is no longer any room to call this 'sock jacketing', or 'manipulative lies' as certain people have been doing, it's all 100% true and punishing boezax for speaking up is victim blaming.

Hamjam's constant gaslighting of users on this sub ends here. The same goes for his copycats and his enablers on the mod team. This is a feminist and queer-positive space.


I'm sorry it took this long for this all to come out. I know how hard it was for you, suffering his abuse all those years. I can't imagine what it was like having to interact with him on a daily basis and be polite and civil to him after what he did to you.

So wtf are you mods all waiting for? Ban the asshole. Do you have any idea how much abuse me, morrigan, boiler and dozens of others have had to endure at the hands of that smug abusive liar? How many dozens of people he drove away from reddit entirely?

Thanks for actually doing the research instead of insisting that it should be considered common knowledge. Exemplary work.


suma wrote (edited )

modern day MLs, at least western ones, arent genocidal murderers like you think they are.

The western ones don't have power right now. But whenever MLs have come to power, they instantly turn into genocidal murderers. That's why anarchists reject all authority - we understand that institutional power will always be used to do harm. All power corrupts absolutely. If you have the privilege to witness literally every ML state in history, including current ones, doing harm to marginalized people, and you support ML, you're either lying to yourself or you don't really care about the lives ML rulers destroy. I just saw you say China is "re-educating terrorists" (Uighurs) on reddit because China has empathy for them. I know you're a kid, but goddamn wtf.


suma wrote

Do you agree with Lenin's orders to "introduce mass terror" - to torture and then slaughter scores of workers and peasants? What about his order to carry out a massacre of sex workers who he said were corrupting dock workers? Both orders are discussed in w/tankies if you don't know about it.

If you don't agree with these moves, why do you you consider him a "true genius"? How can someone who was responsible for such unthinkable atrocities, and ultimately the counter-revolution that ensured the eventual reversion to free market capitalism?