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On the other hand, we have leftists who see these tactics, and (wrongly) assume that anyone who uses "rational" jargon must be a right-winger, without bothering to probe and see whether they really are or not. Everything you've said here is correct; just be sure that you're not attacking someone who is using dog-whistle-y language without knowing it's a dog-whistle. Critical thinking is legitimate, and it has nothing to do with right-wingers. Don't make the association even worse by condemning everyone who uses this type of jargon as fascists.


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No one agreed to a debate so no one owes you the burden of proof.

The burden of proof always lies with the claim-maker, regardless of whether they are in a debate or not. It may be, as in this case, that it's too much work for what it's worth to fulfill the burden of proof, because these were experiences that a lot of people lived through, but didn't document at the time (and now they're scattered amidst millions of other reddit posts, so it would be a major chore to go back and find them all). But /u/Hyolobrika is well within their rights to ask for proof, since a factual claim was made. If, for whatever reason, the burden of proof cannot be fulfilled, then the other person has no reason to believe your claim, even if you yourself know it to be true.


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Now this is a good article. I was bracing myself for the usual science denialism, but it never came. Instead, it was a good mix between bios and explanations of fatphobia and the harms it causes. This is excellent journalism.


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Educate, agitate, and organize. Educate your fellow workers about the problems with capitalism and imperialism. "Agitate" them, so that they don't become defeatists, or become pacified by the distractions of everyday life. Organize them into a revolutionary party. And finally, when the time is right, lead a revolution to overthrow the government of the bourgeoisie.

(Inb4 incoherent anarchist screeching about how this won't end capitalism, but spray-painting and smashing bank windows totally will)

Edit: Yep, there it is.


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Raddle is a honeypot confirmed. (/s)

Really though, this might have been a honeypot, but it's far more likely that it was a well-meaning but naive person who didn't know how software-as-a-service companies like Discord make their money (by collecting and selling the personal information of their users), thus making them dangerous to use for illegal purposes. You're far too quick to assume a conspiracy.


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You anarchists and your pathological fear of authority is truly mind-boggling. Do you want to get rid of moderators too, because they have a smidgen of "authority"? Websites that have no moderation at all are quickly overrun by spammers and right-wingers.