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That "civ is natural and we shouldn't stop it" quote is a paraphrase of Bookchinite criticisms I've seen of deep ecology. I do intend to go more in depth about my perspective on the impact of civilization on the biosphere and the domestication of humans though. It's generally going to be from a systems theory perspective, which is going to have some level of a birds eye view. As for a new global homeostasis, at least from what I understand about ecology, given enough time, an approximate homeostasis will be met at some point. Not within the near future, but at some point. This is almost definitely a point in time beyond the release of the gases stored in ice caps and sheets, just to give an idea of the timeline I'm thinking of. But generally, an approximate homeostasis is met over time.


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That's not my intention. I just think it's worthwhile to make a distinction between climate change and industrially accelerated climate change. It allows people to better contextualize climate change instead of having this moralistic original sin perspective, which in my experience paralyzes people.