spacersparanoid wrote (edited )

After reading this article, I thought it will be funny to open my Gmail (spam) and see what treasures I have over there. Oh boy...

Look at these beauties:

Costco has a BIG surprise for you Spam x Congratulations!

Congratulations - You Have (1) New Kohl's Reward Ready To Claim! Spam x Kohl's Survey via

We have a surprise for Starbucks Shoppers 🔥 Spam x Starbucks via

And much moooooore, way moooore. This is absurd. Please don't look for those idiotic websites, for sure they are malicious. I just copy-pasted from my mailbox a few examples. I also have from FedEx, and many more. I don't even live in the US and Costo doesn't exist here. Not to mention the others. All are so wrong. I also have fake security alerts, and lots of congratulations winning prizes. :/


spacersparanoid wrote

"In 2014, researchers found that alpine goats appeared to be shrinking due to warming temperatures. The same year, another study found salamanders had shrunk rapidly in response to climate change."

This is insane!