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Sometimes you don’t have much to say on a topic but you still want to see what others think. This article started an interesting conversation here. That’s not without value.

But also, raddlers who contribute nothing of value to the site: I love you and appreciate you.


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The news agency Reuters reported that the sole crossing point between Egypt and Gaza was partially closed on Monday, citing three Egyptian security officials and a witness.

Reuters reported that two sources said the crossing has since fully reopened with two others saying it has only reopened for humanitarian cases.

Reuters reported that Egyptian authorities have asked Israel to refrain from targeting the border area and to create a safe corridor for civilians, citing two security sources.

A spokesperson with Gaza’s Health Ministry said on Monday that Israeli strikes have targeted hospitals and medical crews and called for a corridor to allow the delivery of medical supplies, depleted by Israel’s 16-year blockade, to the coastal enclave.

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I didn’t find the original Reuters reports that the article mentions. Didn’t really look too hard though.


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Just adding some things to expect:

Your poop will change in the first few weeks. You’ll likely need to go more frequently.

People will ask why you went vegan (almost every time you eat with someone new) so it helps to have some phrase prepared for that.


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The agency said it only collected GPS data on those people during check-ins, when they are required to submit pictures of themselves from several angles to verify their identity and location.

However, an agreement migrants are required to sign when they are assigned SmartLink surveillance, made public as part of the document release, shows that location information is tracked much more frequently, including when users log into the app, start a video call through the app and enroll in it. Ice requires migrants to use the app far more frequently than for weekly check-ins. Olivia Scott, a former BI caseworker, said caseworkers were often asked by Ice to nudge migrants to log into the app, track the location and share that information with an Ice agent.

“They didn’t care what we said to the people [to get them to open the app],” Scott said. “They just needed a location.”

The documents also confirm that Ice ultimately owns the information BI collects on migrants through the program – information that, taken together, can paint a very detailed picture of someone’s life.


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Yeah a few times but it was while I was playing sports. I think it’s more natural in that environment since players and spectators are already yelling a lot. If trying to yell on your own feels weird, a local game could be an encouraging atmosphere to practice letting out big throaty yells


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First, suffer from decision paralysis. Then handle my basic needs to ensure I don’t have to work anymore.

I’d be tempted to “fix the world’s problems” but

  1. It isn’t my place to step in and “save” others from their problems
  2. Being Omnipotent wouldn’t make me competent. Whatever I do would probably have unintended negative effects. Somehow I feel just as helpless as I do now. (Though OnlyCirceOus has a good point that I can just make myself wise enough to know what to do)

other thoughts:

  • it’d be hard to develop trusting and genuine relationships
  • I wouldn’t be able to feel accomplishment bc nothing would be challenging anymore. I’d get bored