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mid/southern USA in a larger city. try a baggy t-shirt. you could even wear an underarmour base layer shirt underneath the baggy t-shirt so you can stretch the underarmour shirt over your belt/stolen goods area to hold whatever you're lifting to your chest. then baggy shirt can flow more freely, instead of conforming to the shape of the good's you've pouched in your pants. the "Women's UA TAC HeatGear Compression T" looks like it would work great for this. i've gotten jeans and a lot of clothes like this. if the stuff sticks out of the front of your shirt too much, walk with a hunch bc leaning forward will loosen up the baggy shirt and allow it to drape more freely.


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Yeah, I would like to point out that I am a male passing white person so this may be easier for me than a POC or someone who looks different from me. I can't speak or give advice to that because I could never fully understand what it's like, as someone who's white. Same for someone "gendered female" by others. I think it goes without saying to dress as "normal" as possible and try to blend in. But hoodies are in fashion and I don't think too many people would think twice about a "female appearing" person wearing a hoodie. Winter's coming too. Also, leggings and tights can help with this too. You can even wear briefs over tights but I wouldn't wear panties/thongs/etc. because the crotch area is too small and stuff would fall down your pant leg.