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People fully beleiving in the legitimacy of the show trials always throws me for a loop.

I got told Stalin was following Lenin's path even though in the last few years of Lenins life Lenin was in a large argument with Stalin over The Structure of the government of the USSR, The Economic Policies of the USSR, and rights for Nationalities within the country. Lenin recruited Trotsky to defend his position for him every time, but that does not matter Lenin and Trotsky fought decades earlier.


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Well I can go ahead and predict, since it seems like most Trots hate the internet, it will probably be me alone posting some articles. Who knows, maybe there is a lot of Trots roaming the internet having given up on Reddit or something.

Who knows maybe I am being too pessimistic. Will see how it goes and stuff.


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I mean as far as challenged I kind of don't think its going to be any different, most of the Trot communities I am around are pretty open to any other tendencies. Most of us are used to being removed from the Reddit r/communism and r/socialism communities. Though I guess I don't really expect many MLs to really show up here to start an argument.

But ya I read the ToS and stuff, I think things will be good and stuff.