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Can I suck your dick through the internet wOw? I don’t think why I didn’t think of this, I’ll probably go after work today. Keep y’all updated

Edit: Would it be safer to bring someone with me and they swipe them while I place them or should I just do it alone?


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My uniqlo is probably very different from yours, mine is like 3 floors but on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floor of a building. So they’re on top of another store. There are escalators connecting each floor and cashiers on each one so it’s pretty easy at mine. As long as you detag in the dressing room you’ll be fine. I also only ever onbody conceal anymore because it’s safer imo. There are plainclothes LP sometimes but not all the time. Make sure you look very carefully for tags although mine doesn’t hard tag unless it’s over $29, but the paper tags are RFID and there might be soft tags somewhere. But my friend who works there didn’t mention it. But employees CANT say anything to you if they see you stealing, only LP. She said she watched someone stuff a shirt into their bag and couldn’t say a thing. They also make their employees work 10+ hour shifts so come in the late evening everyone will be tired and ready to go home so it’s yours for the taking. Be safe.