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For some reason this obvious throwaway joke resonates with me. Anarchists are the only people who respect when you say "no" rather than voting it away or purging you to fix it.


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That's not unicode lookalike. I don't think that can reasonably be fixed.


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the Washington Post described how anti-government fighters had been organized into formations of 100-150 people. They were armed with Molotov cocktails and iron clubs, to meet the PLA who were still unarmed in the days prior to June 4.

What happened in China, what took the lives of government opponents and of soldiers on June 4, was not a massacre of peaceful students but a battle between PLA soldiers and armed detachments from the so-called pro-democracy movement.

Are we meant to dislike armed detachments of students fighting a military? Not like these weren't socialist protestors anyway.


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I suppose if a majority of Americans support imperialism then that makes it a good thing, then? Or does 'positive opinion mean good' only apply if you wear red?


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No anime avatars (Sorry, but a very large amount of drama and bullshittery comes from folks with anime avatars)

That also disproportionately removes trans people, I imagine. Anime is a pretty large cultural staple of Online Trans Culture, for some reason (I don't watch much and don't get the appeal) so I don't think this is the best move.


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Straight women are also negatively effected by commonly held views about sexuality, as well as men who aren't 'macho'.

Ace people do not face oppression that is even similar to what gay and trans people face, and the queer community is essentially defined by that oppression and the response to it. Ace people have historically never been a part of that oppression or the resistance to it, and cishet aces are still far more privileged than gay or trans folx are. There's no reason to dedicate queer resources to cishet ace people.

Its not about some "threshold" but that's literally what "queer" has been defined by.