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tru! compared to the other 3 he definitely had too little screen time/background story. it got a little more towards the end, but still!

i liked how they incorporated side characters into the story, that way it's not just a series about 4 youths, but rather about a community, their struggles, stories and what connects them.

also great amount of charming weirdos.


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Oh alright, i see! I do the flour/water/salt pan fry bread from time to time with store bought wheat flour and i've been looking for alternatives anyways so i'm glad you shared that! so far i've only tired using tapioca instead but that didn't go so well.

I don't know if my blender is effective enough, but i'll give millet flour making a try. also i did not know masa existed, but now i really want to try that too!


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how do you like millet best? i know what it is, but i don't think i actually ever cooked it myself. lately i feel like i eat too much white rice for my liking - i mean i love rice, but i'd like to get more variety.

also i just learned what legumes actually means, i somehow thought it was just another word for vegetables. but yeah, i've been wanting to eat more of those too. sometimes i go weeks without eating any beans and then i'm like what the hell why? feeding yourself in a varied yet local and seasonal way can be the sort conscious effort i don't always have the energy to


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haven't seen the latest episode yet, but i was so excited about the new season!

what we do in the shadows' latest season is also really funny

on that note - has anyone seen q-force?


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i can hear the chorus of shit-speak answers that you would have gotten in my head:

"but if we give water to that one person then everyone will come in and want some. and we'll be overrun by homeless people and whatnot!"

"we're not a homeless shelter!!!"

"i don't run a charity - i run a business"

"i can't just give away my services for free, can i?"


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the chirpy bugs* are going wild today! (*grasshoppers? crickets? i don't know which)
I wonder what's going on, maybe it's mating season?

About to go for a walk and collect some wildflower seeds, been thinking of making seedbombs, so wish me luck! I don't know how i'll make them yet so tips are welcome my dear contemporaries.

I really miss unemployment even though i've only started working again 3 weeks ago.


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this ^

just like you can't separate language from politics, or language learning/teaching from politics, you can't separate racism from politics.

it's everywhere, even if you consider yourself an 'apolitical' person. sticking with the language example: it's in the language you speak, in the languages you choose to consume (that aren't your native one) through media (music, film), it's in the languages you choose to learn (or not learn), it's in how you treat people who speak a different language than you and in whether you treat someone who speaks french different than someone who speaks farsi.

edit: missing word; punctuation


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seems like a weird way of preventing someone from saying that conservatives are racist


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i met someone who i think is cute.

maybe i have a crush now?

i don't know yet.

i'm excited and i feel floaty.


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There's a good [list] ( on wikipedia that names a lot of titles. The last one of the documentries - No Gods, No Masters: A History of Anarchism by Tancrède Ramonet - makes a decent introduction for non-anarchists. Other than the already mentioned films I also had to think of Sorry to bother you.

But I think any film that incorporates some sort of social critique could be discussed from an anarchist standpoint. If you're making a list of your own somewhere I think it would be cool if it included some sort of 'study guide' or questions like the ones that are sometimes at the end of books.