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Conservative cult was the first to denounce closed source software companies like Microsoft, they were the ones who began the libre culture with movements like free software. What today's "rich kids" are doing is supporting and empowering big tech companies which is the very antithesis of what libre culture stands for.


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Bc there is no evidence of it happening in the US.

That's true but the evidence argument would've worked more effectively if there were a mechanism to verify counted votes. For instance, if I went to a federal website and enter my credentials (SSN or whatever) and it showed me if I voted for Dems, etc., it could be thus verified. If a large number of people saw the opposite (they voted for X but the system showed Y), they'd raise their voices and thus the system would be alerted of a possible fraud. Isn't such a system of vote verification needed that could be understood by common plebeians?


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This ain't about Parler one bit. Today its Parler, who's going to be censored next? The big tech club seems to be relishing the idea of silencing people digitally using the power they have and the next incumbent govt. swearing in on 20th have clearly given them their blessings. I shudder to think what will happen once they're in power. The political balance will be too one sided for the powers to not get abused at a grand scale.


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CHM and AZW3 are also probably bearable. You shouldn't be able to notice any remarkable difference with a good ebook reader. The difference between all these formats and PDF is that the latter is primarily meant for printing, not reading. It also means that page styles, table of contents, etc. are hard coded within the document instead of just defining the contents and leaving presentation for the reader to handle (as happens in case of epub, mobi, chm, azw3, etc.).