sibylshepherd OP wrote

I don't own shit, dude. I've been a low wage construction worker my entire life and I'd like nothing more than to watch our capitalist oligarchy burn. You're just plain wrong about me and my ideas.

But I tell you what, when covid has caused 200,000+ deaths in the U.S. by the end of the year, and we have nothing to show for our sacrifices: no vaccine, no cure, massive unemployment and poverty, big businesses monopolizing the entirety of our supply chain, sickness and death everywhere, and still no way forward, I invite you to eat my ass when you realize it could have been avoided if only we weren't just a bunch of clueless chickenshits. And in return, I'll eat your ass if I'm wrong. Deal?


sibylshepherd OP wrote

Imagine thinking that people's lives don't depend on the magical economy. Like we'll just bail out the entire country. For how long? A year or more? Meanwhile the redder states go on with their lives already, inviting even more death.

Ignorant twats can't rise above their own silly notions to see the problems for what they are. It isn't a left/right, worker/owner, political/economical, or whatever, dichotomy. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will die, that's going to happen and it's not my fault. You have to make a choice: Do you want those hundreds of thousands of people to be ones who volunteered, knowing what's at stake, to help the world get beyond this fucking bullshit, or do you want those people to be innocents? Who do you want to die? You have to answer that honestly. And if you can't then fuck off because you're the one in la-la land.