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Based off my knowledge, they're sending you a 'civil demand letter'. You are by no means forced to pay it. However, if you do decide not to cough up the money, they will continue to send you letters, and they can prosecute you.

Don't stress over this too much, target has other things to worry about rather than a civil demand letter. I've heard every 50 letters ignored, only 1 person gets prosecuted.

If you do decide to pay, your name gets entered in a database where other retailers can see you as a shoplifter.

more info here:


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almost any walgreens that isn't in a big city don't regularly do checks.

i believe they do monthly checks if not more.


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blind spots are areas in a store where cameras can not see you and usually very little employees pass by there. there's no real science to finding a blind spot. just look where you are hidden from cameras.

i'd suggest going to the store and looking around for a blind spot and then come back another day to use it.


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probably wouldn't be a great idea especially in places where cameras are actively monitored. i wouldn't try it since i'm very cautious when lifting