shiplofting wrote

It was for sure the mirrors on the ceiling/large corner mirrors. My location has no cams either. I was dressed scrubby. She just stopped me as I tried to leave and said if you dont give me back what's in your purse, I'll call the cops. I just gave it all back and she didnt say anything else to me so I left. Totally shook me. Didnt go back for at least a year.


shiplofting wrote

You are majorly, majorly overthinking this. Once you notice how little anybody notices you in a supermarket, you can get away with a lot. Money has been tight in my household lately. Many times I'll simply grab what I need, in plain sight (maybe just a drink and a snack from the deli, sometimes a loaf of bread), loop around the floral station so that it looks like I left the register area without a bag (shes environmentally friendly and left her bag in the car) and beeline to the doors. I promise you when I say nobody gives you a second glance. Just look nonchalant.