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Yeah whenever I think of LBC the first thing I think of is Noam Chomsky and liberalism. Read a book, comrade. You can find hundreds at, a project maintained by those people you dislike so much.


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I diverge with him mostly on this new 'world building' habit he's picked up. For someone who used to be against this kind of thing, he now spends a lot of time imagining fantasy future scenarios and toying with how best to deal with this or that problem. I find those conversations tedious.

him being willing for there to be racist bolos / racist decentralised societies seemed to be very friendly to a kind of national-anarchist view

I didn't hear that at all. I heard him say that there'd always be racists and that there's no way of dealing with them that isn't authoritarian. I don't really have any thoughts of this because, again, it's a scenario that only exists in his imagination. The real life white supremacist communities you're talking about are something else and I'd be very interested to talk about them and how to deal with them but that's a different conversation.

if the world was radically decentralised that race wouldn't exist so this would be largely a non-issue,

He seemed to think this wouldn't be the case at all. Personally, I'm undecided - it's not something I think about often because it's straying into 'what if?' territory, which I associate with 'After The Revolution' fantastical thinking.

He went out of his way to say that he thinks biological sex exists, which I assume is shorthand for saying that he thinks that binary biological sex is real

I didn't hear it as that, but if that's what he meant, then yeah that's shitty.

in an anarchist society everyone will be queer is hard to read outside of a kind of queerphobia and an active avoidance of understanding queerness differently.

The exact same joke (which is what I heard it as) is in one of the Baedan journals, which I'm guessing is where he got it from.

His whole repeated 'joke' about being a paradigm of reason give a sense of a kind of superiority complex and a resentment, which is a shame to see.

Wasn't that Aragorn's joke that he kept repeating back? idk, their sense of humour is kind of weird to me as someone who isn't from NA, but I never for a moment thought that he was actually saying he was a paradigm of reason.

Thanks for your reply. There's an Oak Journal podcast with Bellamy recorded around the same time as this one that you might be interested in.


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I listened to it when it came out and didn't hear anything like that. Is this like the time you heard him say 'queer people are hurting the anarchist movement', but no one else heard him say that, and then you couldn't find the episode again?


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I was referring to the made up quote above. I've never said I was reading a Bellamy book, in fact the only thing I've read by him is the magazine Backwoods. I've never responded to criticism of Bellamy's work by the above person because I've never seen any - just obviously made up stuff about private social media conversations. This pernicious behaviour has already made leftist spaces so toxic, and is now doing the exact same in anarchist spaces.


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ultimately, I can’t get on board with their program at all (which was obvious from the beginning but I use this as an opportunity to go through something in good faith and wash away all the cruft and grime to really see what’s underneath).

Not the final paragraph, comrade. If this isn't your thing can I recommend the IGD podcast? Or libcom? New Syndicalist might be more you.


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gave a platform to "anarcho"-nationalism



The communiques are now available from Active Distro - largest anarcho distro in Europe - so don't forget to add them to your blacklist too!


Why wouldn't someone publish Wolfi's outstanding translations of Stirner?

Try harder, comrade. You're never going purge anyone with this weak sauce.