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There are loads of comedians that have very similar politics to Stewart Lee, he's not that unique in that sense. The author chose the most out of touch hacks possible to criticize all male comedians with. Even other comedians openly shit on Maher and Leary, something comedians almost never do to each other. And fuck Louis, but his work is amazing. Horace & Pete was a masterpiece & was by no means behind the times. Judging him on a leaked workout set after he hasn't been on a stage for a year is a bit absurd.

Meanwhile, their only example of women who are supposedly so much more on point is fucking Ellen, an abusive asshole who just this week allied herself with Kevin Hart & has barely done comedy for 20 years. The writer clearly doesn't know much about comedy if they couldn't even promote some genuinely amazing women comedians.

What's the merit here? Leary, Maher, and that one Louis set have bad politics? Okay..?


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I've always felt that games are enjoyable partially because they amount to nothing. They have clearly defined rules & objectives, completely separate from the rest of life. Games wouldn't be enjoyable if they were open to the same chaos & meaninglessness of life. There's something really fulfilling about that for some people, myself included. Games with deep strategy and a super high skill ceiling offer so much room for experimenting, learning, thinking, etc. but within a closed system, that isn't really available anywhere else.

I think they just really click with some people the right way, it's not for everyone.


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I couldn't disagree with this article more.

Fascist speech is free speech, and should be protected by constitutional rights. That doesn't mean individuals are obligated to respect those rights, especially when they feel that the net result would be less freedom for everyone (ie. if protecting the rights of fascists leads to them in power, they will then reduce everyone's rights).


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I try to avoid bringing physical anarchist books to work, so I've been reading some stuff on my phone. This week I read The Cybernetic Hypothesis by Tiqqun, Post-Scripts on the Societies of Control by Deleuze, Give up Activism, and currently I'm reading Now by the Invisible Committee. Clearly a slow week at work, one not over yet unfortunately.