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I believe the issue was that those rss feeds keep reposting articles for some reason. Maybe every time they are edited? I didn't have much free time & stopped paying attention to it for a while, so I'm not sure.

I can try to fix the code up and throw together a subreddit crossposter later tonight.


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I just think conflating feminist porn with radicalism instead of as just another consumer brand or aesthetic is a mistake. Who's deciding what's sexist here? Cause women are into all kinds of porn that some would call problematic. Filtering for labor practices makes way more sense to me than filtering for content.

I've heard performers talk about how the woke porn studios are generally like any hip startup. They hire people with their sex positive aesthetic and then exploit them even more than traditional studios, cause they expect them to be artists or whatever, and so willing to work for less, longer hours, etc since it's seen as their career / dream and not just a job. No different than any other industry in that sense.


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Dogtooth - not explicitly political, but I think interesting look at power, knowledge, manipulation, etc.

RW Fassbinder films like Fox and his Friends, Mother Kuster - generally radical but extremely pessimistic

Zama - absurdist film about colonialism

Cool Hand Luke



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I've been teaching myself some 3d modelling & game design lately, so maybe something related to that. Digital art.

Or philosophy+economics.

Does anyone have experience with going to classes without paying for them? I've heard some anarchists talk about doing it before. Been thinking about doing that for the upcoming term, when I have the time.

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Mixed feelings. It is an intensification of the reproduction of labor & all that, but it does really help some people too. For some people an alternative image could have said "Thank goodness we're on Xanax now, so we can get out of bed & concentrate long enough to figure out how to kill this asshole."