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Oh shit, is that today? Thanks for the reminder.

Can't wait, this is going to be so stupid. Just saw they titled it Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism.


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Where's that coming from tho? Maybe I'm just in a bubble, but that's not something I really see much of.

I think another part of this is the liberal state's desire to start taking control of the internet in general. SESTA and similar laws are laying the groundwork for that. Plus all the fake news shit. It's easier for them to start with sex because no one stands up for it, no public figures really want to stick their neck out for porn.


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Why would you measure it by protein count and amino acids? I don't think that's a useful metric. Cost per week on a vegan diet would make more sense. Worrying about trace animal ingredients seems a bit silly to me so I don't know the economics of that.

The other stuff are good arguments (disability, kitchen access, etc), but I don't think anyone here is telling those people they can't eat meat.

If you really do have such impediments then sure it's a valid reason to not be vegan, I'm not going to question someone who says they have circumstances that make it more expensive, I just don't it's true as a general rule that it's cheaper to eat meat.


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Oh I see what you mean, I was confused. I'm not sure what you could use. If you have a web server it'd be fairly trivial to code that. Just run a script on your local machine to make a list of your media, push to the server, display it with a simple form to make selections & send you the request. I don't know if anything like that already exists.

edit: Or maybe a read only ssh to your media folder, with a script to send you the request?