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selver wrote (edited )

I went out behind my place for a smoke the other night. I always leave the lights off to not disturb anyone. I heard a noise after a minutes and turned on my phone's flashlight, and there was a trash panda just sitting right beside me at my feet. Scared the shit outta me.


selver wrote

From Embers is another good anarchist interview podcast.

Citations Needed is a media criticism podcast from a leftist perspective, not necessarily anarchist, but it's probably the best nonfiction one I listen to.

Season of the Bitch is an all woman podcast that interviews leftist people, but also does episodes with just the hosts.

New Books in Critical Theory covers a lot of new interesting philosophy books.


selver wrote (edited )

Final Straw interviews a lot of people. Kind of anarcho-NPR.

RevLeft Radio does really good interviews about leftist theory. But they are big on left unity so it can be a bit sketch sometimes.

Also, we've got