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Not really. I used to, but gave up on that for the most part. I've seen too much drama over the years to really give a shit. Mods gonna mod. If they make the space unbearable then I just leave.


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I didn't read the article, I'm not about to vouch for their analysis.

"People with light skin AND identified as white" would make more sense to me. Whiteness is broader than skin color. For example there are cultural signifiers that people of color can take up to gain white status (think white voice from Sorry to Bother You).


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How would someone think about this issue from an anti-work perspective? My initial thought would be that the goal would be to eliminate the emotional labor the other person has to do for you? Ie. if it's a balanced non-patriarchal relationship then it's not work?

And thanks for the link, very useful article.