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So far as I know, it's highly unlikely that they'd actually call you. Considering Ulta carries hundred-dollar products, it's also highly unlikely that they'd do anything about $16 of merchandise besides ban you from the store and possibly circulate your information to other stores. If they're able to track down your address, you may receive a civil demand asking that you pay them. You can ignore it. You only need to worry if the police show up, and while you should do your research in the off chance this happens, you also shouldn't lose any sleep over it. Sixteen dollars is small potatoes.


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Do not return them. Any admission of guilt to the store will only serve to get you in trouble.

You should wait at least one month before returning to the store. Check your local police station's Facebook and crime blotter to see if pictures of you have been posted or if a crime in the area was reported. If a month goes by and at no point do police show up at your door, nor do you see pictures of yourself on Facebook or reports of shoplifting at the Ulta you stole from, congratulations! You either did a fantastic job of concealing out of sight or you didn't steal enough for anyone to care. It'll probably be a mix of both.

Search 'police' and 'cops' in this forum for resources on what to do if the police DO show up. It's incredibly unlikely that this will happen, but better safe than sorry. If no police show up, but you've been posted on the police department's Facebook account, stay away from the store for at least 5 more months, and if you do go back, make sure your appearance is completely different. Put some of that free eyeshadow to work. Really, it's best if you can avoid returning altogether, but at the same time it shouldn't be that big of a deal.


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There isn't really an 'easy' way to get airpods, considering how expensive they are. As the other commenter mentioned, Wally World is more than likely going to have them in an inaccessible area.

The easiest place I've heard of when it comes to airpods is an Apple branded store. They apparently do not tag their products, nor do they employ LP, but I'm getting this information entirely from the Master List on the sidebar, and it's possible that stores in poorer areas will have better security measures.

Airpods just aren't a good item for first timers. Make do with cheaper headphones that aren't locked up for now and work your way up as you develop skills.


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For one at a time, just pick one up, crack it open once in a blindspot, wander around the store drinking it for a minute or two, and then leave.

For two to four individual cans, take a reusable shopping bag partially filled with grocery items or a purse, take a few of them, find a blindspot, conceal, and then leave.

For the big packs of Redbull, a walkout is your best bet, since they're too big to conceal. Try only getting one pack at a time so you can carry them out rather than using a cart, since that'll speed up the getaway process.

Check out the Master List on the sidebar for tips pertaining to specific stores.


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Thanks so much for the responses, and thanks especially for checking out Party City! Even if you don't get around to it, I appreciate the sentiment greatly.

For question 3, do you know any for guys? Women's clothing makes me dysphoric, lol. And for question 4, I meant security theatre employed by the store--empty threats, security measures that only exist to try and deter shoplifters without being able to identify or get you in trouble. I do appreciate the ideas for if I'm caught, though!


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Don't act nervous. If you're shaking, sweating, or constantly feel the need to look behind your shoulder, you're not calm enough to be lifting.

Unless the store is insanely busy and you're planning to grab&go, which is pretty advanced and shouldn't be attemped by a newbie, don't head straight towards the desired item. Wander around and browse casually like a normal customer.

Never look up at the ceiling. If there IS a camera or employee nearby, you'll instantly become suspicious. Look at an item as close to the ceiling as you can find, then use your peripheral vision to check for cameras. If the store is small enough, you may be able to scan the ceiling as you enter the store without tilting your head upwards. If you think you really need to look upwards, bring a water bottle and only tilt upwards when taking a drink.

Dress like an average person. This depends on where you're lifting; the average customer at a grocery store looks different than the average customer at a makeup store. Be sure never to look like you're poor, though; your clothes should be clean and in good condition no matter where you're going.

Make eye contact with employees when they pass by. Smile and nod in acknowledgement. If they ask if you need anything, say you're just browsing. Be polite.

Basically, act like a normal shopper. Only look around for other people once you've entered a blindspot, and if you do see someone, I would advise walking to a product in that line of sight and observing it.

One EXTREMELY interesting tip I've heard from a forner LP is that normal shoppers use one hand to browse while shoplifters use two. So if you're looking at a package, always try to do it one handed.

Check out the wiki shortcut on the sidebar for more information.


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  1. I'm currently limited to whatever fits in my purse during multi-store runs, which sucks. What's the best method for increasing storage space? I was thinking I could bring reusable bags in my purse, conceal items in my purse at the first store, then once I'm out of that store, find an unmonitored area to transfer the newly concealed items to a reusable bag. The idea would be to conceal exclusively in my purse, then transfer to a bag once I'm out of a store. Do you have any better ideas, or see any obvious flaws in my plan?

  2. Have any info on Party City?

  3. What's the best store for stealing clothes for the first time?

  4. What are some common security theatre tactics?

  5. What's the best percentage of retail price to resell for?

Thanks in advance!


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Reply to dollar treeee by mrlifter

Look for a blindspot. Rule of thumb is that if you can see the camera, the camera can see you. It's a Dollar Tree, so the cameras likely aren't monitored. They may not even be real.


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Check out the beginner's guide.

Not because it has any special tactics for mentos theft, but to calm your nerves. Supermarkets are usually pretty easy, although Walmart can be tricky and Target shouldn't be attempted by a first timer. Check out the Master List on the sidebar to see if the store you plan on going to is listed so you can find some tips.

You probably won't even need to go to a different aisle, so long as the candy aisle either has no cameras or only has one camera you're able to turn away from so the act of slipping candy into your pocket is obscured. Make sure there's no one in the aisle with you and you're golden.

Consider wearing something more casual than business attire, though. That might work against you, since most people don't go to the supermarket in fancy clothes.


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Short answer: yes.

Long answer: yes, just make sure that you're not acting suspicious, and walk around the store a little bit so people nearby can forget you were there(trust me, if you aren't acting weird no one's going to remember you a minute later). If you act like you entered with the drink, people will think you entered with the drink.