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What's stopping you from switching to Hurd?

I literally can't find out if sound support was finished, or what soundcards/audio chipsets it supports. Ive been asking around in various GNU online haunts since I saw audio support in some slides from a fosdem two or more years ago. I kind of want to play with it still. I've been daydreaming about seeing if I can get it working on a ASUS KGPE-D16 w/ Libreboot and then host a kind of thing on it. Not sure if I want to clutter my living space with a second home server this second though.

It's you really think I'd go around mocking Catholicism like they mock Gnu? Insulting Jesus if he developed a pot belly for medical reasons or if I didn't like his choice of hairstyle?

I get the general thrust of what your doing, but comparing Free Software to religion makes it sound like zealotry, when really what it is, is a user/human rights movement.

How do normal people handle anti-GNU shit online? Just stay away from Windows/Mac users? Not care about them? Turn off the friendship receptors in your brain or something?

Windows/Mac users I know tend to think of me as the wierd guy who runs neither Windows or Mac OS. When they ask for software recommendations I remind them I don't run their proprietary OSes.

I occasionally offer to help them install or obtain a more free OS on occasion if the need arises in conversation.

Occasionally my eyes do glaze over if discussions start up around and Anniversary updates or iWatch things I don't have. When those things come up I wait politely for conversations to touch on something I can add to. Generally I try and lead by example and not by preaching unless it is directly brought up.


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I'd like to second Fossidarity with critical thinking, but also add logic. Common fallacies too. Ive found logic useful my whole life, I used to tutor logic and I really suspect it helps people to get the fundamentals if not all the fancy words or symbols early on in development.

ALSO any of the culturally approved child virtues that also kind of align with radical left thinking. (Sharing, Egalitarianism, etc).

Also the value of challenging authority and thinking for one's self. This is a tough one as Children to a degree need to be shepherded by parents or guardians. However there is a difference between telling children they must obey because of authoriatirian/patriarchal thinking versus explaining to them why something is in fact in their best interest and allowing them to ask questions about it.


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If/when I carry physical currency and as long as I and anyone else I am with feel safe and comfortable in my current physical environment.

I mention that last bit as there have been times when beggars invaded my or anther's personal space or attempted unwanted body contact. It's been very rare in my life but it has happened. The vast majority of beggars I have encountered have not engaged in this behavior.


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Mostly, it took a long time to get there though. I had a family abuse to unpack, sexual orientation to come to terms with. Depression to get therapy for. I sacrificed a lot of my life to my family for longer than I should and didn't really start living until late in adulthood.

But I got to a place where I have a life im mostly happy with who I am day to day.


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Most of them have functional cellular modems w/ repplicant, you can drill into the specific models on the replicant wiki to confirm. Though that being said most cellular modems run non-free code replicant cant begin to replace. Some info on this last bit here: