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sand wrote

What was once joyful celebration, self-abandon, orgiastic communion with the beyond, shrinks to lifeless ritual, official ceremony led by the head of State and his officials. It all becomes theater, and it is all staged. It is no longer for sharing but for show. And it no longer enlarges the participant, who now becomes a mere spectator. He feels diminished, intimidated, awed by the power of Pharaoh's household.

Our painting, music, dance, everything we call Art, will be heirs of the moribund spiritual. What we call Religion will be another dead heir, but at such a high stage of decomposition that its once-living source can no longer be divined.

/- my new friend fredy

prays teh Lowered


sand wrote

beginner too

id be interested in comparing notes. i seem missing the crucial social element in my practice

chaos magic is super interesting to me but also super saddening

it seems only possible now because of how much we have lost


sand wrote

skimmed it, but lol at the unexamined support for "freedom of contract"

i don't really know much about mutualism. is it cool? seems like it should be if its a philosophy for thieves (insofar as philosophy is cool)