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What a skunk pile of two week-old rotting cereals.


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AntiDeutsch, Nationalism

Antideutscher Anarchismus is what I actually meant and consider it rejecting states, without falling for neither zionism nor antizionism.

Antisemitism goes beyond Nazism and far into leftism as well as anarchism. Yes, I would punch Nazis and Bakunin.


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Yes, I do: Veganism tries to exclude exploitation, cruelty to animals as much as practical and possible. I'm considered a human (animal). Excludation of (nonhuman) animal products is not always possible when not entirely conscious, in great pain or in need of life saving in carnist infrastructuring - in the same way that I can criticise and transform my dependence to supermarkets, natural gas infrastructuring or wage work.

Something being vegan is not some ethical free ride, veganism can be spooked too, but it is useful.


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Maybe you can translate this.

...not that many Jews in Indonesia

Antisemitism without Jews exists.

I'm unsure about this, but I say antigerman anarchism in a way to find an alternative to antinational anarchism, since many national liberation movements are considered anarchist. Logic is, that in a different topic Anti-[Country different as Germany] Anarchism would be relevant.