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For fucks sake Trump's hand has six fingers...

Edit: also, why pickles? also why do liberals still think Russia is communist?


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Capitalism has a lot of problems, sure. But I think it provides a valve for letting off steam, for sublimating the impulses that drive groups of people to make war with other groups of people.

oh, honey...

Edit: also:

I get into lizard-brain shopping loops myself. I’ll think about buying something, a new camera, say. I’ll read reviews of the camera online. I’ll look at YouTube videos about the camera. I’ll compare prices for the camera.

I’ll know I don’t need that camera — $1,000? Are you kidding me? — but all that idle shopping will have caused a change in my hypothalamus. The prospect of not possessing that camera will make me feel physically ill...

And that's a good thing?