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Big this. +1 agree with TW on this one.

I have noticed a tendency in my daily life to assume the worst about myself and how I interact with others. After living in a Buddhist monastery for the better part of two years, I can confidently say that being perceptive of the needs of others and then acting skillfully and accordingly in social situations is the way to go. There is not, and never will there be, a cookie-cutter approach to relationships. Each individual moment calls for whatever is needed, nothing more or less. As TW said, feel it out each and every moment.


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is a lesser known source of alternative data That's right kids, pick your data sets wisely.


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In elementary school, I played with a friend who had older brothers who were into it. I was unable to grasp the mechanics in a timely manner, and he wasn't very patient with me. We played a few short sessions, but ultimately just called it off.

Flash-forward about fifteen years, and I'm a stoner at a table full of murderhobos. Flash-forward another five, and I'm now a forever GM.