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you've spent the past 3 years. older anarchists have spent the last 30


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😂🤣😂🤣LMAO! no.

he loses- supporters will throw a fit for a few days then his replacement will capitulate. after that; business as usual.

he wins- Business as usual.

I doubt that the American people will lay down and let the alt-right and our joke of a government walk all over them for another full four years.

they loved it for the past 30 years


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We must cooperate with the republicans, the democratic socialists, and any other anti-monarchy party to bring down the monarchy; but we must do so as anarchists, in the interests of anarchy, without disbanding our forces or mixing them in with others’ forces, and without making any commitment beyond cooperation on military action.

I know some 'anarchists' who need to read this.


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Possibly, freedom has to be protected. anarchy cant exist alongside hierarchy so maintaining a free society will have to be a constant struggle.

I'm paraphrasing what I've heard before but the idea is that we cant just 'fix' everything with a revolution.