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I get that you see it as a lot of excess for little return. And from what I have observed, the core group here leans towards programming/dev work, so yeah, I can see where it's seen as unnecessary for this mindset.

Ultimately, I guess my argument is about finding the balance between accessibility and bloat. If one of Raddle's goals is to grow userbase, it might be useful to consider the user experience. Simplifying posting process encourages posting with a wider audience, which in turn increases engagement and makes the community more active... and that makes the community more enticing to participate in which grows the community further and so on.

Just my thoughts.


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Well in my case, I don't use markdown as I type. I don't like to be distracted by formatting as I'm trying to write, preferring instead to go back and insert emphasis and references when I've pulled my thoughts together. It's easier to click buttons than remember how many asterisks you need or where the brackets go for links... for me, anyway.

If cluttering the UI is a concern, why not just have a flyaway bar with a little ^ tab?


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Yeah, they have serious incentives to pick the catchiest music when creating an ad. They want to hijack the emotion the song evokes so you make subconscious positive brand connections whenever you think of that song (and if it's good, you'll think of it a lot). It's fucking gross.

Those songs are still great though.


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If anyone is thinking about deleting your account, make sure to overwrite your comments and not just delete them.

EDIT: Oooh, instead of deleting your account, how making low effort, high return shitposts in frontpage subs and after collecting a good amount of upvotes, edit the message to a boilerplate talking about this and the government infiltration? Even if your account gets banned after awhile, who cares? Reddit is a trashcan.