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this is part of a story we are telling ourselves about how ignorant most people are, yet we all somehow consider ourselves exempt and incapable of being manipulated. one thing is for sure, every one of us is trapped in an ignorance particular to our age. people in the future we see us a both quaint and stupid in the same way we consider people from a hundred years ago.

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Anarchist actions have had quite a few people thrown in prison over the years. its interesting that you could be so dismissive of people that put their lives on the line to challenge powerful interests. maybe they were just wrong though and deserve to be rotting in a cell?


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I listen to hip-hop and electronica on spotify. my favorite station on pandora is Adele. When i do Karaoke my favorite song is dont stop believing by Journey. i dont like heavy metal because it is too loud and hurts my ears. i like chilling to modern country music on the radio but i like old country music too. As long as my friends like a song on Facebook that is my favorite but i wont listen to anything my friends dont like i hate any music that makes me think too much. i have a record collection that consists of two records, one by elton john and one by Boston. i got them from my dad. I listen to them when i want to remember him. /s