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i dont think people spend much time actually considering that the human race could go extinct due to our own actions. no one really considers it a serious possibility, it is treated as a philisophical idea but not as a thing that could really happen. but it only needs to happen once. just meditate on that for a minute.


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this is part of a story we are telling ourselves about how ignorant most people are, yet we all somehow consider ourselves exempt and incapable of being manipulated. one thing is for sure, every one of us is trapped in an ignorance particular to our age. people in the future we see us a both quaint and stupid in the same way we consider people from a hundred years ago.


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for me good music and working out with a good group of friends (if you like martial arts) makes all the difference, that and cooking a good healthful meal.


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Anarchist actions have had quite a few people thrown in prison over the years. its interesting that you could be so dismissive of people that put their lives on the line to challenge powerful interests. maybe they were just wrong though and deserve to be rotting in a cell?