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The only textmode browser I know of which can handle javascript reasonably is edbrowse. Your post nudged me to go back and have another look at it.

Knowing ed is a must, but if you're familiar with vi, you're a third of the way there already. On startup (edbrowse <URL>), screen is mostly blank.


will print the entire file, all at once, to your terminal. Portions or a given number of lines can be printed instead; haven't learned how yet.

Seeing again what it really does, I'm thinking it's worth the effort to learn. There's an rc-file, so a lot of stuff could be automated.


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For a warmup, have you never heard of The Little Red Songbook? Already-arranged four-part harmony for most of the tunes is as close as your nearest christian hymnal.


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That was my first thought, but no. I have occasionally used such miners (but not bitcoin, which is useless in that context) myself for various purposes which the users were well informed of, and have allowed them as a user myself when I agree with what's being done. The activity signature doesn't match any miner I know about, even for data-storage- and -retrieval-based work-protocols.

What it does match with are highly hyped client-side active-page libraries. Just stupidity. I could land a bitcoin block with a Sinclair before compiling the page for viewing. Proof-of-waste mining is waste for a purpose. Proof-of-stake is just proof of prior waste with heavy violence tossed in. This is waste with no purpose whatsoever.


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Definitely check out the c4ss stuff. It speaks to you, or doesn't; worthwhile either way.

As for Tux, they's totally whacked and mindless, in very much over their head. No concept whatsoever of what they really wishes to do. Website sends a butt-ton of data, spins the fans all the way up, overloads CPU, and ... nothing. Just Heat City. Only other contact is Discord. Wants the digits to get in. Does they even know they's doing crypto or anarchist?

Elitist. Very. Embedded so they doesn't realize at all.

Sans clues.


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If you can view it on the original site, you're making a serious mistake. Being signed on there is a very, very dangerous thing. It was restored after being set as adult content, making sign-on necessary.

Not that viewing without an account is that much safer.