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I also regard my country's culture as strange, and not in a good way. The popular opinion about covid being over is completely incorrect, they just pretend it is. The stygma is rampant but in some circles it is being reduced in favor of everyone being in therapy, medicated until they become good obedient workers or good obedient dependents of the state.

I have done self-employment but am in process of changing directions with it. That may turn out better than wage work anyway. I relate to being too serious alot of the time, but my mood varies alot so sometimes I take nothing serious.

I can learn without talking to "professionals" and doing that is help in itself. The devil's bargain I referred to was that getting diagnosed and asking for assistance puts a person in touch with the mental health system and "officials". It seems very risky to ask for help from a system that considers what I call harm to be helping me. Inpatient treatment where one is locked up is harm to me. Taking medications they choose for me is harm to me. Some non-medication treatments I consider harmful abuse but are popular treatments. Telling the whole truth to a stranger obligated to contact authorities is asking them to harm me.

I regard death as preferable to being locked in a room. This alone is considered not a sane opinion to hold. How am I going to even converse with a doctor who views locking me up for a few days as a minor inconcenience at most? To be clear, in order to get "treatment" that would accurately address issues, I would have to admit things that required in patient treatment to be mandated. Are you familiar with the phrase Catch 22? It means: Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I will take my calculated risk of avoiding "official" help.


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I think the prize to most un-anarchist answer goes to this one: Q How will mental health be treated under anarchy:

A Something similar to dementia villages.

But I cannot even find the humor in this one.


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Wait, wait, if you are super duper committed, you can think outside the box and call your congress-person to complain./s

I saw this explicitly framed as a form of direct action. It was so so hard not to burn another read-only reddit account just to jump in with a reply on that one.


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You seem like you are speaking in good faith, so I am not going to block you. I already do some yoga and meditation and spring will bring more excercise. Security prevents me from giving too many details about my life but I am in US.

People without jobs are numerous (official numbers only count people getting state assistance for unemployment- which ignores most people without jobs). If someone is not in favor of therapy, psychiatry, religion, the state or a cult finding others who will not push you towards one of these five things for support is highly unlikely. I will take material support where ever I can get it, but baring my soul in exchange for dubious life advice is not a good idea.

The popular opinion in US is that covid is over and basically solved. So what passes for "sanity" is a profound denial of reality, even without discussing the hierarchical systems that are accepted as natural. This was always the case, but has worsened in the past few years. Seeking help for "mental health" is a devils bargain. Conditions are attached but support is often not available or is actually harmful.

I did not fill out profile here, you can look at comment history. I vary in tone from flippant to serious so it is probably a confusing read.


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It must be horrible to have the dead pressure you with their opinions. Perhaps a protection circle is an order. I don't know about anyone else, but I do not take orders, especially not from dead people. Fuck vooting btw.


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It was not my intent to dehumanize you. Sorry. Your comment came off like the standard pro-therapy suggestion, which on reddit is sometimes automated. Doing a bit is play-acting a role as a joke. I see that is not what you are doing.

I am not trying to advise anyone else but therapy is not for me and I resent being told I should go there because I have profound difficulty with the job hunting process. The job hunting process is horrible. I have had therapy before. I was unimpressed with the results but count myself lucky that my experience with the horrific mental health system has been limited and without major negative consequences. Many are not so lucky.

Ironically, given your advice, the hunt for therapy or medical services is similarly tied to beuaracratic bullshit, with the bonus that cops may also be summoned. I am not making light of unaliving yourself in general, nor depression. By the medical model, I have other conditions in addition to depression. My risk is far greater than 1 in 8. I have been far worse off and survived without intervention. I don't use the medical model for myself and do not regard the medical establishment as my friend. I personally regard imprisonment as worse than death for myself so your suggestion to risk that to avoid a lesser fate struck me as funny. I see our value systems are quite at odds so that makes it extra hard to communicate.

I posted this on raddle to vent about job situation and how difficult it is in a place where I would not have to do this conversation we're having right now. Since you insist:

Saying get help is a way of making yourself feel better because you have passed the responsibility off onto the officials who are tasked with "helping". I do not want their help. I am managing my situation despite difficulty and will continue to do so. I, as the arbiter of my own mind and body absolve you of responsibility for me. You can rest easy. The person responsible for my life (me), has now told you that you do not need to intervene.

Further insistence that I give up my autonomy to people who would lock me up, or force unwanted "help" on me will be taken as antagonistic and I will block you.


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I agree. Had a period where I claimed nostalgia was a disease. Cannot even derail it with reminding a person of "bad memories". Because they will put a rose tint even on the corporal punishment they recieved.

I haven't watched that one. Curious if it will inspire the same furious incredulity that That 70s Show inspired in my mom.


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Youth liberation may suffer the same distortion as everything else in that everything is based on arbitrary legalisms and not power dynamics.

I'm a mature adult (on paper) but if a billionaire wanted to proposition me (and they disgust me on principle), would I even have the ability to refuse? They have access to both carrots and sticks that would make refusal extremely difficult if not effectively impossible, even if they never used them, the implication would be enough.


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Hegel was mostly pretentious bs. And also he was racist. You are not missing much. Same for Heidegger. Use your time wisely. Learn to grow food and develop water discipline ffs. Read theory too if you want, but if you die of thirst it won't matter what arguments dead white fucks had when and what about.