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"Once Apartheid/Rhodesia ended their economy crashed and quality of life went down" from racists, and "ZANU/ZAPU did nothing wrong they liberated Zimbabwe from imperialism" from tankies, both of which feel incredibly flawed (especially the racist one though knowing ZANU I feel the second is also pretty wrong.) I was hoping to find a more middle-of-the road for the ANC.


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It is a thing at times; usually among far-right 'free market but not actually'. Ancaps tend to support it, libertarians tend to support it, conservatives tend to ignore it, but there's some weird in-between that hates it.


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spearheaded by the ruling, leftist Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN, party with financial assistance from a Chinese infrastructure development firm.

if ortega is leftist i dunno where i stand anymore

the United States is leading the charge against the project by supporting right-wing opposition parties and a handful of bribed campesino groups protesting its construction. In 2016, for example, two U.S. diplomats were caught helping organize opposition protests.

This isn't wrong, but Ortega now basically runs the country as his own little clique- literally his family makes up the government. I'd prefer a right ruler over this at this point. The further I read, the more I feel the 'anti-imperialism' here is of the tankie form rather than a legitimate form.