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Unlucky! I had to go to church sunday (family member was murdered, long story) and because it's church and because many in my family are racist sexist homophobic fucks I decided to take some shrooms to make things dangerous. I got more than I bargained for. 10/10 would do again though.


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One point you haven't covered here that I think is important is that Intellectual Property actually protects individual laborers from exploitation in that it stops their work being taken without the author getting any reciprocal benefit or payment.

This applies to artists, writers, actors and software engineers alike

Edit: I should expand on what I mean by "taken", I mean a large company just stealing their work, which actually does happen quite often anyways.


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The ticket seller's terrified

He's haunted by his dream

Of half-empty trains

Rolling out from New Orleans

And the thousands who came begging

But were harshly turned away

What happened here was murder

Not some simple tragedy


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According to the US' own statistics, it seems your numbers are a bit low...

Also might want to add the many, many deaths of slaves in the US.'

Cuban figures also seem low, given just the Levantamiento Armado de los Independientes de Color (known by Americans, to this day, as the 'Negro Rebellion in the best possible demonstration of their ongoing racism) killed thousands, with the massive slaughters by the propped-up banana republic continuing for decades.

I'd get into the intervention in the Yugoslav wars, but fuck if those are complicated.