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How dare you say that?!!! If I say that I'm your mom it's because I feel like your mom and if I FEEL like your mom that means I AM your mom so go to your room and sit in the corner right this instant young man!

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Literally a red marker used to mark sheep that have been fucked by a ram.

From Wikipedia:

"Without ultrasound or other special tools, determining if a sheep is pregnant is difficult.[1][4] Ewes only begin to visibly show a pregnancy about six weeks before giving birth, so shepherds often rely on the assumption that a ram will impregnate all the ewes in a flock.[1] However, by fitting a ram with a chest harness called a marking harness that holds a special crayon (or raddle, sometimes spelled reddle), ewes that have been mounted are marked with a color. Dye may also be directly applied to the ram's brisket. This measure is not used in flocks where wool is important, since the color of a raddle contaminates it."

To conclude: You are all fucked sheep but you will not get pregnant because there are no biological females on raddit