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My time has come!

I used to work for kohl’s AND was close with our LP. So i have very useful knowledge as a floor worker and from LP.

I also steal from kohl’s bc i know how!

First things first, DO NOT BRING A BACKPACK. Do not take tags off and leave them in the fitting room. Do not immediately go to the front center of the store with jewelry and cosmetics.

Instead, Do bring a normal handbag. I have a kate spade that is very sturdy and doesn’t show anything on the outside. But just to be safe, i have a skinny shoe box that i cut the lid off of and i stuff it into the bottom of my bag to make it look super full without losing space for items. Do have detachment tools. I have a golf magnet and a hook. I haven’t had to use the hook at kohl’s.

Now for my in and out at kohls. I walk inside through the doors by the juniors and women’s clothing. Do not get a cart.

I walk at a normal pace into the clothes. I look around and if i see something i like, i check the price, then hold whatever it is against me so i can see how it looks. Then i hold this item by the hanger in my hand. Repeat 5-8 times.

Then i look at the tables of things that are not on hangers. If i see something i like, i check the price, hold it against myself to see how it looks. If i like it, i hold the hangers with the item because my hand hurts from holding all those hangers!

Now, to the fitting room. I go into the nearest one first, and examine how clean it is. Are there lots of clothes on the hanging go back rack? Are there clothes in several rooms? If yes, pick the room with the most items in it.

Actually try on your items. I can see when people don’t take their shoes off.

Now - this is where you can choose your own adventure. You can either quietly conceal SOME of your items, but not all, and leave.

Or you can leave half of what you had in the fitting room, go back out to the floor, and repeat the looking at items, checking prices of items, hold clothes against you. Do this 3-6 more times.

If you decided to go back to your fitting room and all of your items are still there, this means that no one has yelled at the fitting room attendants on their headsets to go check fitting rooms. You may then proceed to try on your new items. Then it is time to conceal WITH YOUR SHOES OFF AND QUIETLY. Do not plan to take every single thing you brought In there. Don’t get greedy.

And now, for the grand finale - With your items concealed nicely in your bag, take the rejected clothes and throw them onto the go back rack. Do not do this nicely. Just put them all in the bottom of the rack where we’re supposed to keep hangers.

Walk out of the dressing room and check your phone. Send a quick text or something. If you see someone immediately go into the dressing room, you’re probably blown. If you see someone immediately go into the dressing room AND there’s someone else nearby probably staring while pretending to work, you’re definitely blown. If you don’t see anyone in you immediate vicinity, causally stroll out the front door. Congrats on your new items. If you’re blown, repeat the find check price hold up to yourself on 2 more items in a different section of the store. I recommend the old people stuff from Croft and barrow. Go to the fitting room nearest you, but not the one you were in first. Take off your pants and shoes. Take the items you just got and take a hem off the hangers. Leave them on the floor. Dump your concealed items lazily around the fitting room. Put your pants and shoes back on. Walk out while looking at your phone, and causally head to the exit.

thanks for coming to my ted talk.


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I’ve never lifted from that dicks before. I don’t think I’ve ever even been inside it before. There’s literally twenty in a fifty mile radius, and I’ve ever only lifted twice from 1 of the dicks on my list. Trust me, I’m not an asshole, i just truly cannot pay for a ticket lmao


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I’ve definitely stolen from three of my previous employers. Like an unholy amount from each of them. You know how bad shit happens to good people? I like to even the scales of justice and make bad shit happen to bad people. I’ve never even been suspected of theft - apparently my coworkers were also stealing and not hiding it very well. When $100 goes missing on a day you have the flu, and call in sick, it takes you out of the running pretty quick. 🤷‍♀️


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Not worth risking a picture but had a pretty good shopping spree today! I got to use my magnet and that was just thrilling.

Columbia shorts $60

Columbia shorts $60

Columbia shorts $60

Patagonia shorts $55

Nike sports bra $40

Nike sports bra $30

Lady Hagen polo $40

Lady Hagen polo $35


$380 before tax



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Thank you for posting these! Very informative - even if that Larry dude is a big fat bootlicker.


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This is really excellent advice! I plan to do a few more rounds of recon before i put the personal shopper plan into action - just to make sure all my bases are covered. Thank you!


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No no, i just meant i would have to be creative if i was still planning to lift there. I don’t after this experience.

I’ve been thinking about the situation and after reading literally every post in r/lossprevention, i concluded that i put two items in the child seat next to my bag. They were also small enough to fit in my bag. The rest of my items went into the basket part of the cart. Putting those items next to my purse makes the users of r/lossprevention nervous of my intentions.

I don’t lift from places if i haven’t done recon in them beforehand, which is what this trip was for. 0/10 will not return to shoplift.


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Unfortunately I’m super femme and definitely would never be mistaken for a FtoM person lol. I did end up calling and speaking with an assistant manager. I told him a gross short bald creepy white dude was following me around and the assistant manger seemed very concerned about my safety! Either he’s a really good actor or a weird stranger who actually wasn’t LP just followed me around for thirty minutes lmao