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i'm not defending Vaush. i'm attacking leftist discourse. This thread was not created because some autist admitted to jerking to hentai. It was made because leftist love infighting. Even when in the real world when pushing for change leftists are often forced to work together.


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whats has anarchism actually achieved in the last couple of decades. Not much. Maybe if you do some more purity tests on leftists you can finally create your stateless utopia. Also i'm not a Vaush fan.


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anarchism. a political theory advocating the abolition of hierarchical government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.


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Vaush is an autistic man child and a lot of the shit he gets seems to be from this.

But for some reason the left, both tankies and anarchists are obsessed with shitting on him. I think its because he criticizes the left and advocates compromise. Something a large part of the left considers the worst sin of all, even when for example the very ideology of anarchism is built up on making decisions that satisfy all.


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I prefer to buy locally sourced eggs. The farmer i know farmer defiantly does not have a macerator.

Also In-ovo sexing of chicks is spreading rapidly and is already in active use in EU where i am located.


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NATO is purely a defensive alliance. Nothing more.

There is a very real difference between EU states and Russia. One features bureaucrat's that make cellphones have removable batteries. People are free to have a variety of beliefs. There is freedom of press. You can actively oppose the government And the other has Putin who invades neighbors every couple of years, assinates and kills its own citizens through a variety of means. Elections feature only one real candidate and are for show only. Minorities are under active russification. lgpt, well lets not go there. There is also the economic situation.

Can you really not see why people prefer one to the other.