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Smart accessories will, at this rate, go the way of the phone - Who uses a flip phone anymore except under special circumstances? Smart phones, even low-quality and/or out of date ones, are the norm. Having a flip phone that does what little it does better than an out of date smart phone is still less socially acceptable than having said smart phone.

There's no reason for smart-speakers to not take off. Google glass had a reason - it made you look like a jackass and it had LOADS of security issues. All these smart-speakers are sleek and blend into the background of your house. If not-completely-obvious security concern was a reason for stuff to not take off, we wouldn't have most currently popular web-based things we have now.

I wouldn't unless it was signed off on by a long list of reputable people who couldn't all possibly have been bought-out, but we're gonna have to deal with our loved ones getting them. My ex's house had one in her room, always made me incredibly uncomfortable... This will only grow and get worse.


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A bit about that fourth part...

The good and bad music gets filtered out with time. Look at things like Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. That album didn't even chart anywhere upon release but it stood the test of time and become incredibly influential and important in music history.

I'd also like to add that what most people consider the peak of pop music is usually the era they grew up in.

Be that friend that's always showing their friends underground music, I got a friend of mine who's super into mainstream ""emo"" (read: pop-punk metalcore stuff) into Dead Kennedys and Napalm Death.


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Hm, I wonder what this'll do to him in the long run. We've seen him survive worse, but a lot of the scandals like this seem to at least kind of pick away at his supporter-base. I'm not calling smoking gun yet (cuz we've been doing that for like two years now for everything).


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Did Reagan's presidency bring with it a lot of celebrity actors publicly considering running for president like this? I know he didn't go straight into it and had a long congressional stint, but it seems like the kind of thing that would bring this about (even if it's less crazy than Trump)