r0gErThAt_excellent wrote

No, they also suck because of the ad replacing thing that was mentioned in the post you replied to. How did that escape you?

Number 1: How does that disprove what I said earlier?

Number 2: Well they don't "replace ads with their own ads", that's just wrong:

Brave ads only exist as an experimental setting, and it is and will remained disabled by default and opt-in. If released one day, it is using on device only data and opt-in.

Brave payments (donations to publishers) is opt-in, done anonymously, and on device if enabled using the Anonize protocol.

Code is fully open source and auditable here: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop https://github.com/brave/muon https://github.com/brave/ad-block https://github.com/brave/tracking-protection https://github.com/brave/sync