quangli wrote

Though I don't keep track of what you've been doing, I think you did a good job setting up the design and frame of the spaces you've modded. I'm guessing that that kind of effect will be longer-term even though you have to deal with a lot of shit.

Reddit's a lot of work and draining, but you can also step back and focus on other stuff. I only do reddit stuff when I'm exhausted after work or in-between things, and have totally stopped participating in drama stuff.

(I'm not sure why r/anarchism's meta sub has been so quiet lately or how most of the anarchists that side are feeling about the space)

Hope you find a good sitch.


quangli OP wrote

Their discussion explores the film’s significance as a radical affirmation of trans bodies and identities, the historical sources that the participants engaged with, and the overlapping political and gender revolutions that the film envisions, exploring the possibilities of cinema as a vehicle for the utopian imagination.