quangli wrote

I'm open to finding an official way to make r/anarchism a funnel to raddle. It seems to be going through a nice patch at the moment among its usual ups and downs and I think people generally would have a better engagement with actual anarchism if this place could find a workable way to include reds.


quangli wrote (edited )


This is why mods lose their minds. It's just constant bullshit, worse so from regular-posting 'anarchists'. I don't know how Morrigan survives.

I randomly got added as mod there by a rogue mod, but fuck going back there. jesus.


quangli OP wrote (edited )

I think the core anews group prefers that anews minimal-moderation style, even though they've been basically forced to do things differently on platforms like facebook. They're busy people and probably wouldn't have time for the work.
If they want more influence over the space, adding a single mod who is just going to shill for one group is not going to help them much since there are still processes that generally need to be adhered to before substantial changes happen to the sub. You're expected to do mod work or you get kicked out.
Until they have more time and energy, they would probably do better just making proposals that benefit anews and related projects in r/metanarchism.

But people are welcome to check in with me if you have any grander plans. I'm sure there are many ways to make r/a better for anarchism, it'd just take a few dedicated people.