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I think the core anews group prefers that anews minimal-moderation style, even though they've been basically forced to do things differently on platforms like facebook. They're busy people and probably wouldn't have time for the work.
If they want more influence over the space, adding a single mod who is just going to shill for one group is not going to help them much since there are still processes that generally need to be adhered to before substantial changes happen to the sub. You're expected to do mod work or you get kicked out.
Until they have more time and energy, they would probably do better just making proposals that benefit anews and related projects in r/metanarchism.

But people are welcome to check in with me if you have any grander plans. I'm sure there are many ways to make r/a better for anarchism, it'd just take a few dedicated people.


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I'm familiar with that and other projects of yours, I'm also aware that you're busy with them. But there's a lot more room for thoughtful crossposting. Hell, you could be more active with crossposting to raddle too.

My personal upvotes will do nothing and posts aren't going to get stickied just by virtue of being from anews, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that we would sticky interesting things from there for brief periods.

r/a will never have the free speech mod approach of anews, but if you find the mod style here fine you could make a significant difference to what it looks like by being a bit more active there.


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I even got repeatedly called a cop by a user for being anticiv and reported his comments. They were removed, but the (also homophobic) user is still shitting up the place.




You added these in an edit so I'll reply separately.

I don't know why she did that (or if she took other actions too), it is confusing to me, and I'm not going to read all of it and make a fresh call on something from weeks ago, but if it happens again you can message me directly instead.


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casting anarchists as fascists, genociders, transphobes and ableists without any cause isn't (all attacks lobbed at anticivs

I agree.

with the full backing of the mods).

Again, there are only really two active mods, one is me (and I don't allow this where I see it afaik), the other I don't think does this.