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No, I just don't see it catching on. I go by "he" or "they", and people have a hard enough time with that.


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Any comrades in Ubud, Bali? Tired of solo travel, and I miss the anarchist group I had to leave behind.


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To be fair she does say in an earlier video that the reptiles aren't even the capitalists. Getting nuanced messages across in a highly entertaining way to people with short attention spans who may disagree politically is hard. She may not be perfect but she's changed a lot of minds.


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No one moment, but Trump's victory started me on a gradual awakening. In my liberal bubble the general opinion was "Trump happened because people are stupid and ignorant," full stop, so I started listening to leftist commentators who were talking about corruption in the entire establishment and painted a more compelling picture of what was going on than "it was just bigotry". When I went freelance I used my spare time to read, and got through Capital vol. 1. I started noticing the lack of class analysis in liberal feminism. My former coworkers' smug intellectual elitism, faith in progress and love for capitalism, and belief in obvious myths like "capitalism rewards hard work". My friends calling me a pessimist when I started worrying about climate change, telling me that technology would solve everything. Realized anarchism wasn't what I thought it was and that it actually closely resembled my values. Still got a lot of reading and learning to do. :)


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Hi, I'm new here! Just wanted to get this off my chest. As my politics get more radical I feel increasingly alienated and lonely. My friends are liberals, and even the most sympathetic of them are too complacent or overworked to care about leftist causes. I feel I can't fully open up to them anymore without them getting fed up with me. I'd join political groups and make some like-minded friends, but as a perpetual traveler it's hard to do. To most people around me I'm too intense, too angry, and too sensitive. I'm sure a lot of you can relate.