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Anarchy = the decentralization of wealth and power to provide the people with a gift economy guaranteeing the necessities of life for all people as agreed upon by the people themselves via a federalist system of direct and delegative democracy in coordination with individual workplace and industrial unions, creating a money-less, classless, stateless society where all are freely and fully supported in pursuing their own individual dreams so long they allow others to do same


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Yea and one of their laptops. I have a chromebook and a Lenovo with windows 10. I was thinking of putting Gallium OS on the chromebook or Trisquel on the Lenovo, but I'm under the impression there can still be privacy issues due to the hardware not being completely open source, so I've been looking at buying from Technoethical or minifree.

I wonder how secure/private or possible it would be to install an open source OS on a new good quality droid phone