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It doesn't matter if party preference has shifted 14 points in the last year. The deaths make up less than a point.


The electoral college is the only reason swing states matter in the first place. If the president were elected by a popular vote, swing states would not exist.


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Anyway my point is... I wouldn't let neoliberals and capitalists take the word away from you. Even they admit that life is wealth:



An anarchist definition of wealth can mean friends, affinity group(s), biodiversity, an environment free from pollution, and anything else you consider valuable.


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If you consider life itself to be a "valuable possession", and the ability to use two legs to walk "great or marked ability to do or act", then most people have wealth. At least in comparison to a rock or a piece of dust floating through space. Or those who didn't live past 5. Or a fish stuck in an aquarium...


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Not having wealth and being powerless actually means you are unable to do anarchy.

Alright but every human with a pulse and residual glucose has wealth and power, even though it is a small amount. You can do anarchy while naked with an empty stomach.

I think what comes across as offputing in your comments here is that you seem to want to amass large amounts of capital. As you admit, more than you could consume on your own.

As someone who has acted quite stingy in the past and alienated people as a result, I would recommend sharing and giving back even if you don't have much to give.


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Wow that sucks. Good luck with the shelter search. Hopefully they drop the lawsuit.

One of my neighbor's dogs was loose in front of their house recently. I was walking on the sidewalk and it started aggressively barking at me, and moved closer to me when I slowly backed up. I honestly have no idea if it would have attacked me.


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My biggest two concerns:

  1. Although the server side software is (sometimes) published, there is no way to verify that the server is actually running that software.
  2. According to Signal TOS, nobody is allowed to build and distribute the Signal app except Signal foundation. I'm not sure if it has a reproducible build system.

Taken together, I am placing a lot of trust in the Signal Foundation.

3dit: there is a community fork/build of the client called Molly. Using it is violating the TOS, but I don't think the signal foundation can really tell which client you are using.


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There is software that let's you detect when a webpage has changed. Basically it fetches the page on a timer and if it is different, sends an email or other notification.


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I always wondered why people become cops or jailers. "Tired of being broke"... me too. I think that is everyone? That is part of the reason the state likes having lots of poor people. Easier to exploit and work terrible unethical jobs.

60k ain't even that much (more than 30k from Amazon or whatever, but still barely above the median US salary). And where is the upward mobility? Like if this person cracks enough skulls, do they get 70k?