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There needs to be more told about how people do not have to pay the shit. If you get a medical bill you can't pay, don't fucking pay it. All that will happen is a bad credit score and a debt collector stalking you. Get a cheap gun or carry a knife or even just be ready to chase them. Most won't even resort to methods where you would have to confront them. And don't even acknowledge the debt collectors unless they try some stupid shit, which if you play it right you have no fault for defending against them.

Any of the situations that result from not paying it are much better than the situations that result from having no fucking money. I'd never work for five years just to pay debt off. Fuck that.


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It's interesting, the DOJ seems to be taking a hard line on the flimsiest arguments against the state/local orders. They even practically argue against themselves:

freely and without undue restrictions imposed by government,

These are most certainly "due" restrictions. They may be able to argue legally in certain states who are leaving churches closed but opening other places, but to argue against churches being closed at all is a flimsy argument seeing little support even in courts. Even the attorney general says:

Terwilliger defended the department efforts, saying they were ramping up in part because measures that might have been justified as the outbreak surged in March are now less justifiable as the virus recedes in most areas. State and local officials need to adjust, he said.

“There’s a difference between now and March 23,” he said. “The strategies and regulations need to take into account that we’re in a different place now."

So, according to him churches can be closed in serious incidents. Now his department's argument is relegated to subjectiveness of the word "serious"


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That is comedy gold. He cannot do that. All he can do is issue "guidance"

At least until courts make rulings on it, anyway

Asked repeatedly what authority the president would use to “override” governors, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called the question ­“hypothetical.”

“You are assuming governors are going to keep churches and mosques shut down. That is a hypothetical question,” she said, adding that she believed that “faith communities [would] reopen.”

McEnany declined to respond when pressed further about the commander in chief’s authority to issue such an order.


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Geraint Lewis, an astrophysicist at the University of Sydney., agrees with him. "Whilst parallel universes sound exciting and sexy when discussing the ANITA signal, alternative ideas are still on the table," he says.

Title is clickbait


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Mine only flares up in cold weather, and is especially bad after extreme temperature changes in cold weather (like a hot shower or after cooking something). The only thing that completely solves it for me is getting out of the cold. I do apply absurd amounts of lotion (coconut oil or something else natural) to it though, and it at least helps a little bit.

Haven't really dealt with it in a couple years though, I live in a much hotter area now.


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Maybe you are right, but I think you are forgetting military strength and the willingness of the american people to go to war for economic interests. As well as the resurging movement to bring some manufacturing into america ("make/keep america great again")

Not that your advice is bad. That's close to my advice during a normal situation, COVID-19 or not.


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That's interesting. Is the logic they used to reduce violence during isolation?

The still I bought came with a guide but I did research before I bought it so I already knew pretty much what to do. I can't seem to find it so I'll just write a short one myself.

By far the most important aspect of distilling is to understand the dangers of it. When you brew beer, there will always be a small amount of methanol (methanol can make you go blind or even kill you) in the end product. This is not a danger in drinking it since it is in such small amounts, you would have to drink absurd amounts of beer to have it do any real harm.

The problem comes when you start distilling. The basic concept of distilling is that the boiling point of water is 212F (100C) and the boiling point of ethanol (what gets you drunk) is about 172F (78C) so if you heat the liquid up enough to boil off (vaporize) the ethanol but not enough to boil the water you are able to seperate the two. This is done by cooling the resulting vapor to condense it into a drinkable spirit.

HOWEVER THE BOILING POINT OF METHANOL IS 148F (64C) SO THE TOXIC METHANOL WILL ALSO BE CONCENTRATED IN THE SPIRIT, TO AVOID THIS PROBLEM YOU THROW AWAY THE "FORESHOTS" WHICH IS THE FIRST BIT OF LIQUID THAT YOU COLLECT FROM THE STILL. This solves the problem because methanol will be among the first liquids you collect due to its lower boiling point. Sources differ on how much to throw out, I would personally be on the safe side of them but here is one reccomendation:

You'll collect the foreshots until your vapor temperature reaches about 175°F (80°C), and Rick recommends collecting at least 4 ounces per 5 gallons that you're distilling.

Again, I'd throw out a little more to be safe. This is also a reason never to drink homemade liquor made by someone you do not know. You must be sure they threw away the foreshots or you will regret it.

The closer you get to the boiling point of water, the more flavor you should get out of it. The closer you keep it to the boiling point of ethanol, the stronger it will be(and have less flavor, I pretty much made everclear my first try because it was such a cold day my hot plate couldn't heat it up past about 180F).

Now, this is the type of still I have: http://static.dudeiwantthat.com/img/household/bar/10-gallon-whiskey-still-19372.jpg

The part on the right is the condenser. There is a coil inside it that the vapor travels down. You must cool it down by running cool water over it, or, my preferred method, keeping the water well iced. You also need to seal each part as you assemble it. I personally simply apply a thick flour dough over the seams and it works quite well. Pour your liquid into the part on the left, assemble and heat it up to your preferred temperature, and try to keep it there. It may take quite awhile, so keep monitoring it but feel free to do something else. I collect mine in mason jars. You will know you are done when the temperature suddenly increases. Feel free to ask questions.


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Oh I can see how that would work. I've been reading about methods using some carbon dioxide tank or additive which is why I was put off. I'll give that a shot, thanks! Any risk of pressure from a re-surging fermentation, or is that mitigated by the primary fermentation being done and yeast sediment being left behind?