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This is a huge loss for anarchists. I'm a bit surprised at how shocked and saddened I am, given that I've only had brief superficial interactions with him. I think it's because of how much of himself he put into his projects.

Aragorn managed to consistently surprise me in his writing and on his podcasts. If I thought I knew what his response to a given provocation would be, I'd invariably be wrong. He took everyone seriously, which can sometimes look like being difficult, but I read as respecting people enough to be unsatisfied with stock answers. He seemed to believe that everyone had something interesting or insightful to say, and he was good at pulling those things out.

I'll miss being surprised by him.


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I've always loved the way the VI chord in this song switches between major and minor so the melody can do that awesome chromatic movement. It makes my ears feel good.


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I actually have one of these. Someone gave it to me. It says it's a 5.1 system when it's actually stereo, it's got a 60-cycle hum, and the sub doesn't have an independent volume control. The sub can't be unplugged either as it's housed in the same case as the amp.

The worst part is the speakers, though. They're truly shit. I put it through some thrift store speakers, use an old RPi as an MPD server with an alsamixer EQ to more or less manage the sub, and it now sounds perfectly mediocre.


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This is not exactly what you're asking for, but looking at this passage from Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism, it's not hard to see how this happens:

Consciously or not, many lifestyle anarchists articulate Michel Foucault’s approach of ‘personal insurrection’ rather than social revolution, premised as it is on an ambiguous and cosmic critique of power as such rather than on a demand for the institutionalized empowerment of the oppressed in popular assemblies, councils, and/or confederations.

translation: join the vanguard or STFU


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The Association of Autonomous Astronauts had aspirations of sexual exploration in space:

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts is eager to promote a meta approach to sex in zero gravity. We reject utterly current space programmes and their prioritisation of work over play, of commerce over pleasure. We believe that sex will be even better in outer space and that it should be freely available for all. One only has to look at any of the numerous fetish magazines to see the immense amounts of creativity that humanity has put into its sexuality, and we expect this to increase in outer space as new dimensions and possibilities open up.


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It was crazy seeing so many people I thought I knew turning into warhawks. Punks with American flag patches and shit. Fucking surreal. That didn't last all that long though. I distinctly remember one sudden patriot who I cut ties with only to run into him at an anti-war rally ~1.5 years later. "You were right, dude." Small comforts I guess.

The really terrifying stuff was the Patriot Act, the daily threat-level updates, the creation of a department of Homeland Security, etc. It really felt like an Orwellian tale. The reality turned out to be much more banal and much more insidious. I remember Rick Roderick saying in a lecture that he found Orwell's boot stomping on a human face to be overly optimistic. Orwell supposed that there would be a situation in which there were clearly drawn lines, a resistance to join, a world with human faces. It seems we weren't so lucky.