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Thanks, I look forward to reading these later when I have some time. I am curious about what you consider most anarchists to believe in - gift economies? - in contrast to markets? But based on what I've understood you say about authority elsewhere, it's hard for me to think you would be very comfortable with either.

In the meanwhile before I read your linked pieces, I want to suggest that the 'does not preclude' expression at least in my case fails completely to do what you hope. I read it as weasely language - with the implication that trade would be kept to a minimum and exist in certain very ad hoc specific contexts where gift economies make a bit less sense - when in fact you presumably don't mean this at all and instead have whole ranges of markets you expect to be part of regular life under anarchy. I'm not sure if I've made the feeling of deception seem clear.


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This episode discusses how movements can connect mutual aid efforts and survival programs to build a survival economy. Lorenzo and JoNina's discussion places emphasis on the need to move beyond being passive consumers in order to foment a revolutionary alternative that can be transition to stateless socialism. They look at relevant topics like the recent crises during the Texas winter storm, Puerto Rico, and Hurricane Katrina to make their case.

This episode was produced by a collaboration between writer William C. Anderson (@williamcson on twitter) and Black Autonomy Federation.