piranc wrote

No problem. I see so many acquaintances that are supportive of human rights but feel excluded from discussions because of the knowledge gap and sometimes I need to translate if it's something "good or bad". Doing it without bias and motivating them to think critically for future situations where I'm not present is hard.

Those are the people who are being "groomed" by "left-unity", without knowledge to analyze, things are repeated.


piranc wrote

It wasn't offensive, I'm cool.

When someone starts to see the injustices of the capitalist world, everything seems to be an organized chaos, everyone is against you or someone you know.

After the shock we start seeking alternatives, so we can change things for better, then comes the first contact with leftist ideologies and it's a new world where everyone wants people to live better lives through different means, everyone knows and read kilos of books, use words you never saw anywhere and you feel lost.

When someone who's not experienced, read a tweet from an account specifically made to talk about leftist things, you assume they're right even when it seems sketchy as they probably read all those books of old bearded man with hard to pronounce names.

In this tweet I don't know if I would believe, but I can see the appeal if worded in another way, as my path was:

  1. Seeing how capitalism is unfair and oppressive.
  2. Can't we just be cool with each other?
  3. Find alternatives.
  4. Wow, there's so much knowledge here.
  5. Those guys don't like each other even if they want something similar.
  6. I don't know where I stand.

Then you see "oh, it all the same with different extras", you don't feel like you need to "pick a side" in the left. That's appealing to someone who suddenly felt lost about how the world works.