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Returns: A copy of arr with values appended to axis. Note that append does not occur in-place: a new array is allocated and filled. If axis is None, out is a flattened array.

Again, not familiar with numpy, but if you need to collect the items into an array, you should probably build them up using lists using omL.append(element), then convert it to a numpy array afterward with omL = np.asarray(omL) and omLS= np.asarray(omS).


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omega_data is a two-dimensional array, so element in each loop is an array. I'm not familiar with numpy, but what I think is happening is element >= boundary is producing an array of True or False for each individual value in the array.

The best way of debugging something like this is to just add a print(element) to your loop so you can see if your assumptions were correct.


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There are sites that archive it, even deleted comments. I used to use one to download my comment history but it hasn't been grabbing new comments for a couple of months. I can send you a Python script that can access it if you want but I don't know if it will still work.


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I saved all my posts and downloaded everything I had on my saved list. I had to rush to write a script to do it but I'm glad I did.


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Six months before my egg hatched, I was 99% certain I was just a cis guy.

One day before my egg hatched, I was 95% certain I was just a cis guy who would kinda like to be more feminine.

When my egg hatched on April 4, 2019, that certainty dropped to 0%. Four years later, I still am uncertain about what my gender actually is, but it's definitely not male. I'm probably agender, but I really love presenting female.


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I'm really sorry that happens :'( I hate when people feel dysphoria, even about things that would give me euphoria.

Conversely, I love when trans people get euphoria from things that would give me dysphoria. When I see a guy gushing about his beard or flat chest, it makes me really happy :D


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That was my experience. I felt weird being called Katie, but being referred to as my deadname started to feel really bad. I kinda picked my new name 15 years before I transitioned. I was very socially isolated, so I didn't have any friends and never even attempted to date, but I had an imaginary girlfriend who I named Katie because that was the cutest name I could think of.

I still think Katie is the cutest name, but there are a lot of other cute names and of course, it's very subjective, so if you tell me you think your name is the cutest I can't argue.