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Very unlikely. Raises are only for politicians and their friends/family in China or any (Communist/Socialist system). example Russia and North Korea.

"153 members of China’s Parliament and its advisory body that it deems “super rich” amounts to $650 billion"

You could also argue the same is true in Capitalism, but not as extreme.

Greed takes many forms in this world.


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I'm just sharing information. I'm sorry the mention of Trump by Bloomberg has made you so angry. One day he will not be in the news and you will be able to read articles based on content vs title.......

I'm not Trump, so I don't get why you are attacking me personally.

P.S. Thank you for being welcoming, tolerant, and positive.


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Do you have the right to exist?

Even asking that question is bigoted and intolerant. But if spreading hatred of Israel and it's people brings you joy keep carrying that torch.

The country that has the bigger military and wins the wars has the right to exist........ Simple history lesson.