periol wrote

Two chicken-related items. I used to work on a farm in Missouri.

  1. One day we found a chicken cage that had fallen off a truck during transport, with a chicken in it. We picked it up and put it in the cab of the truck, but the smell was so bad we just put it in the bed. When we got to the farm we let the chicken out and tried to acclimate it to not living in a cage. After less than an hour one of it's legs broke just trying to walk around. We had to put it down, and couldn't even use the meat it was so rancid.

  2. The farm was close to some factory chicken farms. I used to run several mile loops, and one day I wound up running by these buildings. The smell from over a hundred yards away was so overpowering that I started choking and vomited right by the gate.

I have never looked at chickens or eggs the same since.


periol wrote

Gonna have to disagree with you. Sure, radio stations suck with their commercials, but there would be way fewer people paying for streaming music if they knew they could just open an app on their phone and play the radio. I would never pay either way, but radio is convenient and a known entity for people, even with the commercials. How else were the tech companies going to do their 'disrupting'?